NWO - TTW Perspectief granted for the project Wearable Robotics Exo-Aid for augmenting human physical capacities

Program manager and main applicant: Prof.dr.ir. Herman van der Kooij, University of Twente
Co-applicants from FGB-VU: Prof.dr. Jaap van Dieën; dr. Idsart Kingma and prof.dr. Michiel de Looze

Over the last decade various wearable robots have been designed to either augment, train, or supplement human motor function. However, immature technology has prevented its large-scale use. In this program, the researchers will develop innovative, commercially viable, and enabling technologies.

The technologies will be integrated for three applications that have a high socio-economic impact:

• to restore mobility in patients with a spinal cord injury;

• to prevent progressive function loss in patients with muscular dystrophy; and

• to prevent work-related musculoskeletal disorders.

Within the program the scientists will realize the required breakthroughs with a strong interdisciplinary team with experts in robotics, biomechanics, human movement science, mechanical design, electrical engineering, and clinical science from several universities (Twente, Delft, VU, Eindhoven), university medical centers (VUmc, RUmc), together with knowledge institutes (TNO, RRD), end-user organizations and partners from industry.

The project will cater for 1 PhD candidate at the the subdepartment of Neuromechanics.

Prof. dr. Jaap van Dieën

Dr. Idsart Kingma

Prof. dr. Michiel de Looze