New Chair Sports Traumatology of the Upper Extremity

At the Department of Human Movement Sciences of VU Amsterdam a new chair 'Sports Traumatology of the Upper Extremity' has been established. Dr. Michel van den Bekerom has been appointed to this chair. The chair has been established with funding from the OLVG with effect from September 1, 2020 and aims to promote research into the causal mechanisms and the prevention and treatment of sports injuries, particularly elbow and shoulder injuries. Dr. van den Bekerom specializes in shoulder and elbow problems, in performing keyhole surgery, and in sports related disorders. He has more than 80 publications to his name and is a member of various international organizations and the Dutch working group shoulder and elbow surgery. He contributes annually to various congresses and books in the field of his interest. We are convinced that with this chair the collaboration between the OLVG and the department of Human Movement Sciences will be further developed and invite interested parties to explore possibilities for collaboration in this field.