Mario Maas, Matthias Cabri and Onno Baur part of winning team BAD awards

The opening of  the exhibition of BAD awards at MU Eindhoven was a great success. The Bio Art & Design Award, is a unique competition that aims at stimulating young artists and designers from The Netherlands and abroad to experiment with bioart and design and to collaborate with renowned Dutch science centers.

ReShape presented the three winning projects of the Award, developed in collaboration with leading Dutch researchers in the life sciences. They are shown alongside recent works of nine other international artists and designers that share a focus on the theme of mutation and transformation.

The artist Ani Liu from the United States investigates with her work how technological innovations enable people to redesign themselves. Artist Ani Liu and professor Mario Maas, Matthias Cabri and Onno Baur from the department of Radiology & Nuclear Medicine of Amsterdam UMC created a set of nine sculptures examining personhood from anatomical, physiological, genetic, biochemical, behavioral, algorithmic, personal narrative and memory. The exhibition will be held till March 10th at MU Eindhoven.