Marieke Mens awarded AMC Graduate School PhD Scholarship

Marieke Mens, currently a master student of medicine at AMC, earlier this year applied for the AMC Graduate School PhD Scholarship with the project proposal Preventing diabetic foot ulcers: personalized treatment using 3D-imaging of the plantar fat-pad. It has recently been announced that Marieke has been awarded the PhD scholarship, which will start after her graduation from med. school. The research project will investigate the role of the plantar fat-pad in the development of diabetic foot ulcers and aims to explore new diagnostic tools for the prevention and treatment of ulcers.

The research project makes use of the novel weight-bearing CT device, which has recently been acquired at location AMC, and is characterized as being highly innovative. On her project, Marieke will be supervised by Professors M. Maas and M. Nieuwdorp, and co-supervised by dr. G.J. Streekstra and dr. S.A. Bus, all Amsterdam UMC, location AMC.