Invitation for PhD candidates: Science-Transmission meetings

As we dig deeper in our own research topics, we might fall in love with the methods and theories we are used to. To avoid that we are all working in our own ivory towers, we introduced the Science-Transmission meetings for PhD candidates.

During these monthly meetings - every first Monday of the month - we discuss concepts and practices which could bring your research to a higher level, whatever your research area exactly is. 

A selection of the (past) programmes topics are ‘Strong Inference’, ‘Stylish Writing’, ’Git’, and ‘Falsifiability’. Each meeting will be chaired by a PhD candidate and credits will be awarded for actively participating in eight meetings, and chairing at least of one those. 

The chair may choose his or her topic and is free to either invite a speaker or organise a workshop or any other type of meeting. Creativity is key.

Upcoming Science-Transmission: Monday 4th of September, 2017 in MF-J178 at 12h00 (see agenda).

For more information or if you want to organise a meeting contact Nick Kluft (