Inaugural speech Jaap Harlaar: Engineers going bedside ...

Technological developments are taking a big leap in health care. Advanced scans, surgery robots, 3D printed prostheses ... It leads to more efficiency in healthcare but requires specific knowledge and skills to keep it safe. in his inaugural speech Jaap Harlaar will argue it takes technical physicians to make this happen.  But what is the role of this technical physician precisely ?? How does it relate to the physician of the future? How do we put that together in their training?

Jaap Harlaar's research focuses on the development of biomechanical models of movement disorders to support targeted treatment (precision diagnostics). In his research Professor Harlaar always works closely with clinicians, in particular with (child) rehabilitation doctors. The clinical application of his research concerns both spastic children and the elderly with neurological disorders (for example MS) or osteoarthritis. Professor Harlaar is working at  the rehabilitation medicine department of the VUmc as a professor of clinical movement analysis one day per week.

NB: The inaugural lecture will be in Dutch

Date: November 14  2018 Time: 15.00 (14:30 for professors who’ll join the cortege)