Health check up at week of sustainable employability (12-15 November)

How do you stay engaged and vital in your work while you continue to work longer? From 12 to 15 November, the VU will pay attention to sustainable employability through all kinds of workshops and activities. In the week of sustainable employability, these initiatives receive extra attention in an original and interactive way. All VU employees can participate in various activities and attend workshops. Registration is required and recommended.

Free health check up
Phd researchers from AMS give VU employees a free health check-up and guidance to improve or maintain their health.
After this first check-up the employee has a choice to do a second follow-up after four months for a re-check to see whether their health has improved.  

"Health test center"
At the ‘health test center’  you have two choices for a check-up. You can sign an informed consent which provides us the opportunity to use the data collected for further development by Dr. Judith Jelsma. She is a researcher in the field of sustainable behavioral change and lifestyle coaching. Using the data, she can prolong her research in the field of sustainable employability and implement the fields of lifestyle coaching and behavioral change. If you don't sign the consent your data will be destroyed after the measurement. 

What parameters will be measured? 
We will measure your body anthropometrics, height, weight, blood pressure, pulse rate, glucose and cholesterol levels, as well as BMI and grip strength. Combining these parameters we can give you a good insight to your current health status and advice on how to improve or maintain it. In order to do a valid blood glucose test, it is needed to not eat before the test. Since the check-up is in the morning, we suggest to skip breakfast and eat directly after the measurement. If you eat before the check-up, we can still do the other measurements and give you advice regarding those parameters. 

Additionally, you can do an optional test to estimate your endurance capacity. This will be done at a different location on the VU. You can make an appointment with us to do the test (duration: 10 min). 

Fitsurance Mission and Description:
Website: (Fitsurance under D-Lab showcases)

In short the idea is that by giving people a health check-up and guidance to improve or maintain their health, their general health and quality of life will improve and reduce the cost of the health insurances and thereby reducing the costs of the government health care as well.

Contact Details:

Demonstrator Lab, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Amsterdam Movement Sciences, The Netherlands



Twitter: @sauvikdasgupta