Grant ZonMw for Care for People with Post Intensive Care Syndrome

ZonMw has awarded a grant of 37.500 euro to Marike van der Schaaf (senior researcher at the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine of Amsterdam UMC) and her team for the treatment of people with Post Intensive Care Syndrome (PICS). The subsidy JZOJP (Juiste Zorg op de Juiste Plaats, Right Care in the Right Place) gives them the opportunity to draw up an action plan for setting up a sustainable transmural professional network that provides optimal care for people with PICS.  A majority of critically ill patients admitted to an Intensive Care Unit develop long term restrictions in daily functioning and participation problems. There is a gap in healthcare in this respect.

The network aims at:

- Improving the quality of life of people with PICS

- Coordination of the implementation and quality assurance of the guidance program for people with PICS 

- Facilitating the collaboration between healthcare and welfare professionals

- Increasing the expertise of health care providers through training

The plan of action focuses initially on Amsterdam but will be drawn up in such a way that the network can also be extended to other regions.

The Right Care in the Right Place is an initiative of parties in healthcare and support. In this movement, the daily functioning of people is central. From there, the aim is to prevent (more expensive) care, to bring care closer to people and to replace care for example with e-Health. This helps people to live and function better with their illness or disability. The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport wants to help accelerate and spread this development.