Grant for Research on Children with Cerebral Palsy

A research project on children with Cerebral Palsy received 40.000 Euro from Johanna Kinderfonds. The aim of the study is to determine the effect wearing orthoses on (complexity of) motor control of walking in children with CP before the maturation of their gait pattern. The research will be executed on 15 ambulant children with CP between 2 – 6 year old. Muscle activity data will be collected of up to 32 muscles and gait kinematics and kinetics when the children walk at their preferred walking speed. Measurements will take place within one week after getting the orthoses, after three and after six months. Potential changes in motor control will be assessed by comparing muscle synergies, kinetic and kinematic gait patterns for the three measurements. If demonstrated that motor control of walking in young children with CP can be changed, it might not only improve their daily functioning, but could also allow optimization of complexity motor control before future interventions. This might reduce medical costs by decreasing rehabilitation time and the need for walking aids.