Dr. Hans Tol receives grant from Reumafonds / the Dutch Arthritis Foundation (DAF)

Hans Tol, sports medicine physician at the Academic Center for Evidence Based Sports Medicine (ACES), at the end of 2017 received a grant from the Reumafonds for the 3 years project “Platelet Rich plasma Injection Management for Ankle osteo-arthrits (PRIMA)”. Previous studies on the efficacy of PRP in musculoskeletal injuries were published in the NEJM and JAMA.

This new study of the ACES researchers (including Gino Kerkhoffs, Guus Reurink, Simon Goedegebuure and Mario Maas) will evaluate the efficacy of the popular and promising PRP injection therapy in patients with ankle osteo-arthritis.

Ankle expert Professor Gino Kerkhoffs emphasize its relevance: “Compared to knee osteo-arthritis, the onset of ankle osteo-arthritis is at a younger age and affects an active population. With this new therapy we hope to keep them active and less symptomatic.” For more information, contact: j.l.tol@amc.nl