Denise Eygendaal appointed PI

Denise Eygendaal Denise Eygendaal

We are delighted to announce that Denise Eygendaal was appointed PI in the 2019 round of PI-appointments. Denise has been a professor since 2016 and an upper limb surgeon for 20 years, and currently works at Amsterdam UMC (location AMC) and at the Amphia Hospital Breda. She finished her training (in the Netherlands, Harvard, USA and Århus, Denmark) as an orthopedic surgeon in 2000, and wrote her PhD Thesis on ‘Medial instability of the elbow joint’ in 2000. Currently 90% of her clinical work is elbow joint related; the remainder 10% is on traumatic injuries of the shoulder and forearm. Denise is a consultant for professional athletes for elbow related pathology for the Dutch lawn tennis federation, the Dutch gymnast society as well as the Dutch baseball society. She has a long list of scientific publications on the elbow joint, currently supervises a large group of PhD candidates, and teaches various elbow courses. Professor Eygendaal is a renowned speaker at international congresses, a distinguished member of a number of committees in orthopedic research, as well as having a wide international research network. Denise's current research focuses on O.C.D. of the elbow, distal biceps pathology, Q3D analysis, virtual planning in osteotomies, valgus extension overload, treatment of the posttraumatic contract elbow, and finally, tendinopathies of the elbow.