Corona Reseach Fund Supports Research on Recovery COVID-19 Patients

The Corona Research Fund of the Amsterdam UMC has awarded €50.000 for a research project aimed at gaining insight into the functional recovery of COVID-19 patients. Edwin Geleijn, Carel Meskers and Marike van der Leeden of the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine (Amsterdam UMC, location VUmc), together with a team of data-scientists and ICF experts from VU/VUmc, will work on this project. The project has to answer the questions: How do patients with COVID-19 recover in their functioning, during and after hospitalization? And how can we best shape the rehabilitation of COVID-19 patients with knowledge about factors that influence this recovery? By collecting and analysing text data from electronic patient records of COVID-19 patients from hospitals, rehabilitation centres, nursing homes and first-line physiotherapists, the research team expects to get answers to these questions.