Compulsory Course for AMS PhDs: Writing a Data Management Plan

The course Writing a Data Management Plan will as per September 1, 2019, be a compulsory part of the PhD training for all AMS PhD candidates (VUmc and FGB/Sciences). The course is offered by the VU University library, and is free of charge. The course is not compulsory for PhD candidates who started their PhD trajectory before September 1, 2019, although it is highly recommended.

Upcoming course dates for the training ‘Writing a Data Management Plan’:

  • Thursday 26 September, 14-17.00 (VUmc PhD candidates: preclinical research);
  • Tuesday 1 October, 9:30-12:30 (FGB / Fac. of Sciences PhD candidates Including personal data)
  • Tuesday 12 November, 14-17.00 (VUmc PhD candidates: clinical research);
  • Tuesday 26 November, 9:30 - 12:30, (FGB / Fac. of Sciences PhD candidates researh without personal data)
  • Thursday 12 December, 9:30-12.30 (VUmc PhD candidates: clinical research);

For more information and to register: UBVU Event Calendar (please select the course of your choice);
Workload: 1 EC;
Target group: AMS PhD candidates (VUmc and FGB/Beta at the beginning of their research project ± 1st year);
Maximum number of participants: 30;
Language: the default language for this course is English, but we can switch to Dutch in case all participants speak Dutch. If desired, assignments may be submitted in Dutch as well.
Costs: free of charge for VU PhD candidates;
Good RDM (e.g. storing, sharing, archiving, describing your research data) contributes to research transparency and integrity. Due to the advance of new technologies, data volumes and numbers of files are constantly increasing. For that reason good data management is an essential part of data-driven research as well. In this workshop, we will introduce and discuss the different aspects of RDM which typically need to be covered in a data management plan (DMP), such as data description, data storage during research, sharing data with colleagues, data archiving after research and data citation. The various components of research data management will be related to the FAIR principles (that is, principles to make data Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable). We will also address the ethical and legal framework, including the General Data Protection Regulation (the European law on privacy), if applicable. In this training, you’ll learn why good RDM is necessary and how it can be beneficial to your research. In an interactive workshop, we will provide you with practical guidelines and instruments to manage your data properly.  You will be working on a DMP for your own research, so that you can apply the things you learn to your own project.

NOTE: This training requires some preparation from your side. You will be asked to study some materials about RDM (two short articles and a website). In addition, you need to write a first draft of a DMP, which will be worked out in more detail during the workshop.