Charity Run: Post-ICU Challenge 2019

The annual Amsterdam UMC Run (previously known as the AMS loop) will take place on Sunday May 26, 2019. As part of the running event, the Rehabilitation department of Amsterdam UMC is again organizing the 'Post-ICU Challenge': a 5K run, for and with, former Intensive Care (IC) patients.

Many patients suffer from physical, mental and cognitive complaints after an IC admission, also known as Post Intensive Care Syndrome (PICS). With this Post-ICU Challenge, we aim to set PICS in the limelight, as well as the rehabilitation care of (former) IC patients. The proceeds of the Post-ICU Challenge go to research in the context of IC rehabilitation and aftercare.

How does it work?
During the Post-ICU Challenge, the ex-IC patients participate with a buddy. This can be a family member or a care provider. Together they cross the start and finish line. The ex-IC patient participates as far as s/he can, after which the buddy finishes the 5K.

What can you do?

  • Run along: sports enthusiasts can raise funds by running the 5K as a sponsored runner;
  • Join in the organisation: you can accommodate the participants, and help with the implementation on the day itself.

Help raise funds for more research into PICS and IC rehabilitation by donating. Visit this link from the AMC Foundation to donate.