Care for living with (post) polio

'Caring for life with (post) polio' requests attention for the fight against the polio virus. Also for the struggle that people with postpolio deliver on a daily basis with increasing restrictions. The meeting consists of a mix of short presentations and entertainment. Afterwards there is an opportunity to discuss and celebrate the 30th anniversary of the diagnostic work group (post) polio.

It is intended for members of Spierziekten Nederland who are involved in postpolio, members of the Rotary Netherlands and other interested parties, including health care professionals.

The organizers are Rotary Netherlands, Spierziekten Nederland, RIVM, Prinses Beatrix Spierfonds and the AMC expertise center. The evening is the start of a national recruitment campaign to finance research into better treatment options.

·         Mrs. Albertine Perre, physician and Rotary member

·         Mr. Erwin Duizer, National Polio Laboratory

·         Mr. Frans Nollet, Rotary member and medical head of the Post-Polio Expertise Center

·         Mrs. Aadje de Groot, secretary of the diagnostics working group (post)

Practical information

• The meeting will take place in Amersfoort on Tuesday evening 23 October 2018 from 19.30 - 22.00

• Contribution to the costs: € 15.00 per person (including snack and drink)

• Refund of the registration fee is only possible if we receive your cancellation before the closing date

Location: Flint, Coninckstraat 60 in Amersfoort

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