Award AMC Young Talent Fund for Jana Tuijtelaars

The research proposal Jana Tuijtelaars submitted for the AMC Young Talent Fund has been awarded. This research is focused on he ability to adapt walking to environmental circumstances, i.e. walking adaptability, which is essential for safe ambulation. Several clinical populations are known to have reduced walking adaptability, which often relates to a high fall frequency. Recently, a qualitative study showed that adults with stroke highlighted sensory deficits as having a direct impact on their balance and mobility. This especially becomes clear while making gait adaptations, rather than during steady state walking. Together with the research group of Salford University, she will study the role of lower limb sensation deficits on walking adaptability in adults with stroke. Understanding this relation would probably help to work towards potential solutions, like the use of sensory stimuli or sensory stimulating insoles, that could reduce the fall risk in this population.