Annemieke Buizer Appointed Professor of Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine

Annemieke Buizer Annemieke Buizer

As of October 1, 2019, Annemieke Buizer has been appointed full Professor of Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine at Amsterdam UMC, department of Rehabilitation Medicine . Professor Buizer is primarily concerned with children who have mobility limitations due to disorders of the brain, of which cerebral palsy is the largest diagnostic group. In her work as pediatric physiatrist, she specializes in the diagnosis of mobility problems, using clinical gait analysis, and in interventions to improve function in children with cerebral palsy and related disorders. Her research focusses on unravelling mechanisms of underlying motor impairments restricting mobility, and on determining the effects of short and long-term effects of interventions. Her goal is to improve current treatment and to develop new treatment strategies for children with cerebral palsy and related disorders. Ultimately this will lead to individually tailored, personalized treatment, avoiding secondary effects of the condition during growth and achieving the best possible level of functioning for the child and eventually the adult. Annemieke Buizer is head of the multidisciplinary Amsterdam UMC Cerebral Palsy Center of Expertise, and project leader of the Netherlands Cerebral Palsy Register. Annemieke Buizer is involved in several research projects both as project leader and senior partner, and has successfully supervised several PhD trajectories. She is an often-invited speaker at both national and international conferences, a teacher of medical students and post-graduates, as well as a mentor of interns at Amsterdam UMC.