Anna Rojer receives Travel Grant to go down under

Anna Rojer Anna Rojer

Anna Rojer (PhD candidate FGB) has by the FGB been awarded a travel grant of €5.000 to visit the department of Physiotherapy & Exercise Physiology at The Royal Melbourne Hospital, Melbourne, Australia. During her stay, Anna will join the PJ paralysis trial. This trial encourages physical activity in hospitalized geriatric patients and will use a small and in a clinical setting, easy-to-use device, to objectively measure patients’ physical activity.

Anna does her PhD on the project Instrumented physical activity, malnutrition and its association with health outcomes in older adults, and is supervised by professor Andrea Maier (FGB, VU and U. of Melbourne, Australia), professor Mirjam Pijnappels (FGB, VU), dr. Carel Meskers and dr. Marijke Trappenburg (both Amsterdam UMC, location VUmc). Contact Anna if you have any queries on her research.