5 M€ Horizon EU Grant for SHOTPROS Project

A European wide, multidisciplinary consortium, coordinated by Austrian consulting company USECON, has received a 5 M€ Horizon 2020 EU grant for its SHOTPROS project. With the help of Virtual Reality (VR) trainings SHOTPROS will train first responders’ decision making and acting capabilities under stress and in high risk situations to fight crime, terrorism, CBRNe threats and radicalism. Dr. Raoul Oudejans and Dr. Vana Hutter (both FGB, VU) are the involved AMS researchers.

New project supports European police officers in their challenges

The European street patrol police officers' field of action constantly changes and new challenges are emerging all the time. Being the first responder in novel and ambiguous high-risk situations exposes police officers to high levels of stress and performance pressure. Highly trained staff is required to properly evaluate the situation and to decide and act correctly under stress. Therefore, a decision making and acting based training framework is the go forward solution to support first responders' action control in threatening situations. SHOTPROS contributes to the improvement of the competences and capabilities of European Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) to prevent and mitigate the impact of criminal acts, whilst protecting fundamental European rights of its citizens.

For more information, visit the Innovation Origins website.