22 IOC Doctors for Training and Exam at AMC

How can you prevent injury in athletes? And how do you get an injured athlete as soon as possible back on her feet? At AMC, as official IOC Research Centre together with VUmc, 22 IOC accredited doctors from various countries around the world were in May 2017 given extra training so they can continue to comply with the strict IOC requirements. Prof. Gino Kerkhoffs and Prof. Mario Maas (both AMC) and Dr. Evert Verhagen (VUmc): 'It makes us proud that the IOC has selected us, as one of only four centres in the world, to host the IOC-MD exams. And that we may offer two days of professional training showcasing our clinical expertise. We ultimately all have the same goal: to offer sports related care on a high level all over the world'.