Newly appointed AMS PIs

We are delighted to announce that during the 2019 round of PI appointments at Amsterdam UMC, two outstanding AMS researchers have been appointed. Marike van der Schaaf has has been appointed PI at the department of Rehabilitation Medicine, location AMC. Marike is an epidemiologist and physiotherapist, and is an expert in the rapidly developing field of rehabilitation in acute care for critically ill and vulnerable patients. She defended her PhD on Functional recovery after critical illness in 2009 and has published several papers on the recovery of ICU (Intensive Care Unit) patients.  Marike was in 2017 awarded an AMS grant of €120.000 for her research project entitled Exercise physiology in critically ill patients. Marike currently supervises several PhD candidates, and in addition she is a member of  numerous editorial boards, study groups and patient platforms. 

Marjolein van der Krogt specializes in the research of clinical movement analysis, cerebral palsy and musculoskeletal modelling, and is a senior researcher within the department of Rehabilitation Medicine at Amsterdam UMC, location VUmc, and head of the VUmc Clinical Movement Analysis lab. In her research Marjolein aims to integrate research and clinical care, and by doing so performs patient-oriented research projects and thereby directly improves healthcare via her research outcomes. Marjolein defended her PhD entitled Gait deviations in children Cerebral palsy: a modeling approach in 2009, and was in 2018 awarded an AMS grant of €135,000 for the project proposal Comprehensive neuromusculoskeletal modelling to predict the effect of impairments on gait in children with cerebral palsy. Marjolein has been awarded several prizes during her tenure, and is a successful co-supervisor of several PhD candidates.

Paul Kuijer Paul Kuijer

Paul Kuijer's research goal is enhancing work participation among knee and hip osteoarthritis patients by improving prevention and integrated patient-centred care. Paul works at the Coronel Institute of Occupational Health, and at the Netherlands Center for Occupational Diseases and at the People and Work Outpatient Clinic, all part of the Amsterdam UMC - location AMC. This year he received the prestigious Anna Prijs 2019-2020 for his excellent clinical research on the topic of perioperative work-directed care for end-stage knee osteoarthritis patients. Besides, Paul is coordinator of the three months elective course 'Medicine and Elite sports: high demand professions! Groundbreaking multidisciplinary care for demanding professions' for second year AMC medical students, together with professor Mario Maas.

Marike van der Leeden has been appointed PI in the 2019 PI round at Amsterdam UMC. Marike works at the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine VUmc and at Reade, her research focuses on the development, evaluation and implementation of rehabilitation and allied health care interventions, mainly in patients with musculoskeletal disorders (osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and chronic widespread pain), and patients with cancer (with a focus on peri-operative care). These patients often have other diseases in addition to their index disease (comorbidity), which may lead to multiple problems in daily life and a complex health care demand, requiring support in clinical reasoning of health professionals. Marike has successfully supervised several PhD candidates and was in the AMS funded Innovation call of 2019 granted a co-financed PhD project for the research proposal Development and evaluation of an accelerometer-based feedback and coaching intervention for patients at risk for functional decline admitted to the hospital.