Laureates AMS Investment call 2020

In the 2020 round of the AMS/VUmc financed investment call there were nine applications, all of excellent quality and for a variety of equipment proposals.

The first granted proposal was submitted by Elke Vlemincx, department of Health Sciences, VU, in collaboration with professor Vincent de Groot and dr. Erwin van Wegen, both Rehabilitation medicine, VUmc, for the proposal Psychophysiological monitoring and biofeedback. The new monitor will facilitate research lines with high clinical impact, incorporating (ambulatory) measurements and biofeedback of a wide range of physiological variables in ongoing research projects and new research collaborations within AMS and Amsterdam UMC. The new device is complementary to available equipment and will benefit projects ranging from basic science to patient-related and clinical research in the field of neurological and musculoskeletal disorders. The proposal was lauded for its broad appeal to 4 of the 5 AMS research programs, its clinical relevance and the introduction of the psychological dimension, with new future collaborations, and will furthermore strengthen future multidisciplinary grant applications.

The second (partly) financed proposal was submitted by Marike van der Leeden (VUmc) for the project ‘Accelerometers for assessing quantity and quality of physical activity’. Two types of inertial sensors, that both have (complementary) advantages will be purchased: MoveMonitors and Atris-PAM systems.

The equipment will be used for a wide range of current projects, e.g. the DIALOAD project in diabetic foot disease (Jaap van Netten), the new ZonMW project ‘Goed Gebruik Hulpmiddelen’, and in projects on stimulating physical activity and physical functioning before, during and after hospitalization, e.g. in the AMS-supported OPRAH study, the implementation project ‘Beter Bewegen’ and the REACH+ project on continuous monitoring of physical activity and vital functions in post-ICU patients (with or without COVID-19).

MoveMonitors and Atris-PAM systems can also be used for projects and clinical applications within other AMS programs, e.g. for patients with neurological or musculoskeletal disorders. Gained knowledge will actively be shared with other AMS research groups. The department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Amsterdam UMC, is co-financier of the equipment.