Hamburger Prize for Stephan van der Zwaard

Stephan van der Zwaard (l)

Stephan van der Zwaard (FGB), has been awarded the Hamburger Prize by a panel of three independent assessors. The award is named after Hartog Jakob Hamburger (1859 - 1924), a Dutch Professor in Physiology of the University of Groningen. Particular attention was paid to the originality and quality of the thesis 'Why Muscles Matter' and the variety of physiological methodologies applied. The focus was also on the introduction and discussion of the thesis: this is where the student really has the floor. Also the number of publications and their impact were inportant criteria. What was striking about Stephan's thesis is that he used many methods, with original infographics at the start of each chapter and that the thesis was a pleasure to read. In Aipril 2018 Stephan was a guest on Radio 1, listen here.