Scientific Spine Symposium
01-11-2019 16:00 01-11-2019 18:30 OLVG Oost | Meeting Room Einthoven 1 | Oosterpark 9 | Amsterdam

SAVE-the-DATE for the 13th edition of Amsterdam Spine Center’s scientific symposium. The meeting is this time planned at OLGV oost. The final program, including speakers will follow shortly. To reserve a place, sign up now via THIS link.

If you have any questions, please contact Hanneke van Dongen

Speakers and Presentations:

1.            Bas ter Meulen (OLVG): Spine Center OLVG;

2.            Idsart Kingma (FGB, VU): Exoskeletons to unload the spine during manual work: potential benefits for workers, including those performing surgery;

3.            Diederik Kempen (OLVG): Scoliosis Research OLVG

We hope to see you on November 1st!