Science Transmission Meeting #27. Motivational Speech
11-05-2020 13:00 11-05-2020 14:00 ZOOM Meeting

The topic of this meeting will be a motivational speech. Challenges are everywhere. In your PhD, in your life,
in times of Corona. Keeping motivated to face these challenges helps us to stay strong. As a personal trainer, Dennis Toppin, knows how to awaken people‚Äôs strengths and will give a motivational speech. Please note that the meeting will take place via Zoom. The meeting will not be held on the first Monday of the month as it is an official closing day of the VU. DateMay 11, 2020.
Time: 13.00-14.00. Venue: Zoom Meeting, ID: 950 5374 2260. Password:
050394. Chair: Moira van Leeuwen.