RaMBam 13th AMS MechanoBiology meeting
18-09-2018 16:00 18-09-2018 17:30 00-E70 (Auditorium) | O2 Building | VU Campus

The MechanoBiology group (RaMBaM: Regeneration and Mechanobiology of Bone and Muscle) of Amsterdam Movement Sciences (AMS) aims to inform, inspire, and stimulate interaction between researchers, and in particu-lar stimulate collaborative research in the field of biology and engineering, focusing on the way physical and chemical cues modulate cell fate and adaptation, and how changes in cell or tissue mechanics contribute to de-velopment, physiology, and disease.

PROGRAM for the 13th AMS MechanoBiology meeting:

Chair: Prof.dr. Jenneke Klein Nulend (ACTA, AMS)
15:45-16:00 Welcome with tea/cookies
16:00-16:05 Introduction by the chair
16:05-16:35 Drs Vivian Wu (ACTA, AMS): Osteocyte morphology and orientation in relation to strain in jaw bone
16:35-17:15 Dr. Peter A. Nolte (Spaarne Hospital Hoofddorp): Orthopaedics keeps moving
17:15-17:30 Discussion, followed by closure with drinks

We hope you will join us, all interested parties are welcome!

Kindest regards,
Organizers of the AMS Mechanobiology meetings:
Dr. Astrid D. Bakker (ACTA, AMS);
Dr. Nathalie Bravenboer (Vumc, AMS);
Dr. Richard T. Jaspers (FGB, AMS);
Prof.dr. Jenneke Klein Nulend (ACTA, AMS)

Please note: Advance registration via link.