Innovation Hackaton VU
22-07-2019 16:00 25-07-2019 22:00 VU Main Building, exact location will be published soon

Usually what comes to mind when thinking about a hackathon is: how and where to attack the systems and find valuable data and how to defend it and learn from the experience.

However, this Hackathon is different! The VU offers unique datasets for the teams to work with to test their innovative ideas on digitalization at the VU and/or improvement in the quality of campus life.


The teams will be provided with at least 3 data sets that can be used for your innovative ideas here at the VU.

Event information

The kick off of this event is on Monday the 22nd of July at 4 pm. The game, data sets and ‘rules’ will be explained. Also we will hand out the criteria for the presentations scheduled for Thursday 25th of July.

After the kick off on Monday, you (and your team) will have the opportunity to work on the data sets for three days.   

Start Hackathon: Monday 22nd of July

On Monday 22d of July from 4 pm – 6 pm IT Services welcomes you and your team and will present the data sets and the ‘rules’. It will become clear what is expected, especially for the presentations on Thursday 25th of July.

End Hackathon: Thursday 25th of July

On Thursday 25th of July form 5 pm until 10 pm it is presentation time! The professional jury will deliberate and chose the winner. Of course there will be a nice prize for the best idea and presentation.


This Hackathon is open to all VU employees and students. In addition, external colleagues and students from other colleges and universities are welcome too! 

Sign up

To sign up as an individual or as a team, use this form: INSCHRIJVEN