Course: Research Integrity Blended Course 2017-2018
13-02-2018 09:00 13-02-2018 17:30 (will follow after registration)
Each scientist deals with dilemmas in the field of research integrity. About the extremes of the spectrum is little discussion. It is clear for everyone that falsifying and fabricating data, and also committing plagiarism, are very serious errors. This is scientific misconduct. However, it is less clear for a wide range of questionable research practices. These often involve violations of the methodological basic principles.

All scientists will recognize the pressure to publish and to gain grants. The Temptation might come along to cut a few corners, or worse. Resisting that temptation is not always easy. There are also many dilemmas for which the answer is not easy to give and can raise doubts about how to behave in specific situations.

We will discuss these issues in our blended course.

The course consists of:
1. The Epigeum online course about Research Integrity. Participation in and passing this online course is obligatory to start the interactive course.
2. A 1,5 day interactive course; partly working in subgroups.

The first day is from 09.00 – 17.30, the second day is from 12.30 – 17.30.
European credits appointed: 2 Upcoming blended courses: 1.
February 13th/March 22nd 2018 (NL version)

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