Within Amsterdam Movement Sciences we are in the process of establishing a Science Committee. The Science Committee will replace the CWO and Research committee that were active within MOVE research institute amsterdam. The new committee will hold approximately 10 members including a statistician and all research programs, expertise areas, and the participating partners will be represented.

The tasks of the committee will be (among other):

  • Judge and offer advice on research proposals;
  • Co-judge internal AMS calls;
  • Judge TSP from PhD candidates (research proposals and training plans);
  • Quality policy and quality safeguarding within the institute.

Visit the webpages of the METc for protocol templates, patient information letters et cetera.

Members of the CWO, as of September 16, 2019

  • Prof. dr. Willem Lems (Chair), Amsterdam UMC, location VUmc;
  • Dr. Peter Bisschop, Amsterdam UMC, location AMC;
  • Dr. Nathalie Bravenboer, Amsterdam UMC, location VUmc;
  • Dr. Nadia Dominici, FGB, VU;
  • Dr. Renate de Jongh, Amsterdam UMC, location VUmc;
  • (Dr. ir. Jan Harm Koolstra, ACTA, back up CWO member);
  • Dr. Jaap van Netten, Amsterdam UMC, location AMC;
  • Dr. Josien van den Noort, Amsterdam UMC, location AMC;
  • Prof.dr. Evert Verhagen, Amsterdam UMC, location VUmc;
  • Dr. Erwin van Wegen, Amsterdam UMC, location VUmc;

          Frequency CWO meetings
          The CWO meets every Monday of even numbered weeks, from 14 – 15:30 hrs. The documents listed below should be sent digitally as a MS-Word document file to Ms. Solveig Lund, via cwo-ams@vu.nl eight days prior to the committee meeting:

          • an announcement letter to the committee*;
          • an English language protocol, using the METc protocol template;
          • a patient information letter;
          • an informed consent form.

          *The announcement letter should include:

          • the title of the project;
          • the type of protocol (pilot study, cohort study, multicenter trial etc);
          • a motivation to conduct the proposed research or to participate in multicentre trial.

          The protocol is evaluated only if it is submitted in the correct format.

          Dates of CWO meetings
          Month Dates 2019 Dates 2020
          January 7, 21 6, 20
          February 4, 18 3, 17
          March 4, 18 2, 16, 30
          April 1, 15, 29 13, 27
          May 13, 27 11, 25
          June 17, 24 8, 22
          July Recess Recess
          August 5, 19 3, 17, 31
          September 2, 16, 30 14, 28
          October 14, 28 12, 26
          November 11, 25 9, 23
          December 9, (23) 7, 21