Freedom of movement in all its aspects determines quality of life – from cell to organ and from organ to the entire body. Quality of life, or to contribute to the fulfillment of a meaningful life, inspires us on a daily base in our scientific enterprise. Our inspiration is substantiated through innovative, surprising clinical and fundamental research on human movement organized in three programs; all of them divided into several thematic approaches.

We combine various fields of study and innovative techniques with focus on implementation and use in society. We are partners with patients and top sportsathletes, dental surgeons and physiotherapists, industry and health insurance companies, sport coaches and cell biologists; as long as human movement is the focus. With applicable knowledge from articles, in trainings, guidelines, inventions and advice to professionals our knowledge contributes to the advancement of society.

The highest research quality is our norm. We make every effort to guide our researchers and encourage them to cooperate in an interdisciplinary setting, and of course: to strive for the highest results.

Collaborating Partners

Amsterdam Movement Sciences is a collaboration between the Faculty of Behavioural and Movement Sciences at VU Amsterdam, VU University Medical Center and the Academic Medical Center.

Annual Report 2018

Read about the Highlights, Awards, PhD Theses, Societal Impact, PhD Enthousiam in the AMS Annual Report 2018, with interesting interviews.