Amsterdam Infection & Immunity Institutes contains three research programs:

Inflammatory diseases, Infectious diseases and Cancer immunology.

Inflammatory diseases, infectious diseases, cancer

Research within these programs  is multidisciplinary in which innovative fundamental, translational and clinical research are included, aiming to lead to new diagnostics and clinical  applications, which is also reflected in the training of the PhDs within the institute, Medical Immunologists and Clinical Immunologists.

Support in connecting the three programs

The programs within the Amsterdam Infection & Immunity Institute focus on specific diseases but the programs are linked together as the molecular pathways leading to the diseases are often shared between program. There is a strong interaction between the different programs to promote excellence. The Amsterdam Infection &  Immunity (AI&II) Institute will stimulate optimal exchange between the programs by focusing on common denominators and/or pathways involved in similar immunological principles. This will result in fundamental research topics but also in diagnostics, biomarker analysis, immune profiling and the development of novel immune based therapies.