Our AI&II Technician Grant laureates are Tanja Kaptein, Marlous van den Braber, Laura Kruijssen, Toni van Capel, Nienke Haverkate and Jasmin Ersöz. 

Tanja Kaptein, department of Experimental Immunology (AMC), will visit the Medical University of Innsbruck for her project `Implementing 3R’s into the Amsterdam 3I’s'.

Marlous van den Braber, department. Molecular Cell Biology & Immunology (VUmc), will visit the Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Nashville, VS for her project `Using cytof to build an immune atlas for glioblastoma.

Laura Kruijssen, department of Molecular Cell Biology and Immunology (VUmc), will visit the Tuveson Laboratory, NY, VS for her project `Developing orthotopic PDAC models in immune competent mice'.

Toni van Capel, department of Experimental Immunology (AMC), will visit the Institute of Cellular Medicine, Newcastle University, UK for her project `Deep into the tissue: Imaging mass cytometry and high dimensional data analysis'.

Nienke Haverkate, department of Experimental Immunology, will visit the Institute of Molecular Medicine, Uniklinik RWTH, Aachen for her project `Cross-reactivity of AML-specific antibodies with intestinal bacteria'. 

Jasmin Ersöz, Center for Experimental and Molecular Medicine (AMC) will visit the Medical Entomology Laboratory at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta for her project `Learning tick rearing and breeding: bringing an Ixodes ricinus tick colony home'.