To support postdocs that were unable to finish their research project due to COVID.

Target group
Postdocs in the finishing phase of their research project and at the end of their contract period.

Eligibility criteria
• The applicant needs to be in the finishing phase of his/her research and at the end of his/her contract period, confirmed by a letter of the head of the department.
• The applicant must have shortage in budget, confirmed by a letter of the head of the department
• The applicant needs to be embedded in at least one of the programs of the AII research institute
• The applicant needs to present a work plan how the project can be successfully completed with the extension grant
• The research must be completed in 2021.
The Extension grant, with a maximum of € 20.000 will fund salary costs, publishing costs, travel costs or consumables. Only completed application forms are eligible for evaluation.

Evaluation criteria
• Explanation on how COVID caused problems in finishing the research on time.
• Outline of how this grant will be used to get the research finished.

Application procedure
Send the completed application form to: Deadline: December 21st 2020 23:59

Selection procedure
The AII Grant committee will evaluate the applications of the researchers based on the aforementioned criteria. A maximum of 6 applications will be granted. Applicants will be informed about the final outcome by mid-January 2021.

Call publications: November 17, 2020
Deadline submission proposal:December 21, 2020
Outcome: Mid-January 2021