As a starting research institute, we aim to develop as a recognized player in the fields of Infection & Immunology by researchers at AMC/VUmc, nationally and internationally. Our goal is to stimulate young talent within the different AI&II departments so they become the next leaders in the field, and also to become recognized by these young researchers as a renowned institute dedicated to invest in their future.

To stimulate young talent within AI&II three calls are proposed for 2017:

1.       AI&II Postdoc stipends (deadline to be announced end of 2017)

2.       AI&II Travel grants

3.       AI&II Work Visit grants - deadline 1 November 2017

These calls are aimed brand our institute internationally (by stimulating international exchange of our young researchers) and stimulate young talented scientists within our institute to become internationally experienced by extending their network activities and to stimulate their careers for future national and international grant applications.