AI&II Annual PhD retreat 2020 CANCELLED
02-04-2020 00:00 03-04-2020 00:00 Van der Valk, Volendam

Dear AI&II PhD student,

Today is your lucky day if you haven’t signed up for the PhD retreat yet.
We know that you are all very busy and might therefore have overlooked the deadline to sign up for the PhD retreat but fear not as we have decided to extend the deadline to February 28th!

So one more week to work on these beautiful abstracts!

In case you are still on the fence about whether or not to join, here are some reasons why you should already be filling out this form:

  1. You can meet your fellow PhD candidates form the institutes you might not be visiting often and get new ideas or new acquaintances.
  2. This all happens in a nice and relaxed environment without any of our bosses around.
  3. We are going to stay in a very nice hotel and offer a program that is not just scientific but also includes an activity, party, and three-course  meal
  4. It is absolutely free and neither you nor your PI need to pay for anything (it is paid entirely by the AI&II)

Already sold? Well then I hope you will join us after filling in the form here:

We further have two excellent keynote speakers:

  • Dr. Inge van der Weijden who investigates working conditions and mental health of PhD students
  • Dr. Susana Chuva de Sousa Lopes who investigates developmental trajectories of human organs and tissues

Also, for any clinicians uncertain about the amount of fundamental research, the more clinicians are coming the more clinical the program will be. So spread the word

All participants have to submit an abstract or project description of max. 250 words at the time of registration.

Registration and participation is free of charge and includes food, drinks and hostel.

If you have any questions you can contact us at

Please help us spread the word and we hope to see you all in Volendam!

The AI&II PhD-Student Retreat organizing committee,

Melissa van Gool (VUmc, Dept. of Molecular Cell Biology & Immunology)

Panagiota Bouti (Sanquin, Dept. of Blood Cell Research)

Julia Eder (AMC, Dept. of Experimental Immunology)