AR&D Travel Grant 2018


Providing an opportunity for talented young researchers to attend an international symposium or congress or a short visit to an international lab or research group. This will result in expansion of their research network and building their CV.

Who can apply?

3rd or 4th year PhD candidates working on research topics related to Amsterdam Reproduction & Development.

What to apply for?

Max. 1000 euro reimbursement for travel and accommodation costs or congress fee.


-  Poster or oral presentation on a relevant symposium/ congress in your research field and a report of the highlights of the meeting
-   a program for the short work visit. Applicants are required to present the highlights of the visit to their AMC/VUmc department (ideally for both AMC and VUmc). Travelling period within one year of receiving the award.

How to apply?

The AR&D Travel Grant application form has to be submitted on

12 June 2018


Assessment criteria:

Applications will be assessed by the Reproduction & Development Research Board.

They apply the following criteria:

  • Quality of the CV of the candidate
  • Motivation for attending the symposium or congress or organizing the short work visit and how it helps to strengthen the CV of the candidate
  • Quality of the symposium of congress or visiting lab
  • Quality of the budget plan

Conditions of payment

  • Proof of attendance and a short report on the outcomes
  • Reference to the Amsterdam Reproduction & Development Institute
  • Reimbursement afterwards via claim form including original receipts.

Contact details

For more information, contact