Amsterdam Reproduction & Development Postdoc Grant


Providing an opportunity to talented young post docs for an extra year of research time to strengthen their independent research idea and to improve their CV so that they can increase their eligibility for a personal grant (VENI / ERC starting grant), which will result in independent financing of their own research career.

Who can apply?

Young post docs max. 5 years after PhD (extension is possible for medical training, parental leave and long term illness)

What to apply for?

Max. 80.000 euro for financing own salary and bench fee; two grants available in 2017.

How to apply?

The AR&D Post doc grant application form has to be submitted on 8 May 2017 to

Assessment criteria:

After an eligibility check, the Amsterdam Reproduction & Development Research Board will make a preselection based on CV. The four selected candidates are invited for an interview and the best two will receive the award.

The Research Board applies the following criteria:

  • Quality of the research idea
  • Scientific impact of the proposal
  • Quality of the CV of the candidate
  • Scientific career prospects (potential VENI/ ERC starting grant candidate)
  • Motivation for the additional year
  • Relevance for Amsterdam Reproduction & Development

Contact details

For more information, contact Sanneke van Vliet,