Amsterdam Reproduction & development aims to stimulate collaboration within the institute and the careers of young researchers.

In 2017 three types of calls are proposed:

  1. AR&D postdoc grant: closed 8 May 2017
  2. AR&D travel grant: closed 8 May 2017
  3. AR&D out-of-the-box grant: expected to open in autumn 2017

In 2016 we awarded AR&D PhD scholarships to two teams of AMC-VUmc Reproduction & Development-researchers:

  • prof. Joris van der Post, Paul Savelkoul, Rebecca Painter, Marjolein Kok en Dries Budding for their project ‘The microbial signature of preterm birth’!
  • prof. Martina Coronel, prof. Sjoerd Repping, dr. Lidewij Henneman en dr. Phillis Lakeman for their project: ‘The widening scope of reproductive genetic technologies: responsible innovation and assisting individuals’ decision-making’ .

The R&D PhD scholarships allow the project teams to have a PhD student working on their project for four years.