AR&D grants 2018-2019

Call is open now! Please submit your proposal for the following AR&D grants:

AR&D Nursing Science Grant

The AR&D Nursing Science Grant enables nurses, from Amsterdam UMC or affiliated research institutes or hospitals in Amsterdam, that are involved in science, to perform research with the goal to improve patient care in the field of Reproduction and Development. The involved nurse has to be the main applicant on the proposal.

This grant (max. €25.000) can be used to cover salary and materials needed to perform this research.

AR&D Open Research Grants

The AR&D open research grant round 2018-2019 enables researchers from Amsterdam UMC or affiliated research institutes or hospitals in Amsterdam to perform research in the field of reproduction and development.

These grants can be used to cover personnel costs, bench fee, equipment, conference budget and other related research expenses. For the total grant program €500.000 is available that will be distributed over the three different grant types (see below).

1. Start Small, Think Big (Grant type 1, up to €25.000)

This grant is focused on the development of novel ideas or projects, or to spark novel ideas.
This grant funds projects such as:

  • Time to write large or personal grants
  • Purchase of equipment
  • Funding of a specific experiment

2. In Between (Grant type 2, up to €50.000)

This grant focusses on research projects that can be performed within one year.
This grant funds research projects for example:

  • Back to the patient:

    • Research projects that focus on the wellbeing of the patient (e.g. Midwifery science, psychological health of patients, improving health care within the field of AR&D).
    • Final stages of translation of novel treatments to the clinic
    • Fundamental research: Fundamental, laboratory based research projects.

      • Clinical or epidemiological research projects

      3. The Bigger Picture (Grant type 3, up to €100.000)

      This grant focusses on collaborative research projects between two departments within AR&D or between an AR&D department and an external collaborator with a strong connection to AR&D. In the latter case, the external collaborator may be situated abroad, however (part of) the research needs to be performed in the Amsterdam UMC or affiliated institutes or hospitals.

      • All types of research (Back to the patient, Fundamental of Clinical)

      Eligibility requirements

      1. Researchers at all stages of their career that are currently employed at the Amsterdam UMC or affiliated research institutes or hospitals in Amsterdam are eligible to apply.

      • Moreover, we specifically invite nurses involved in research to apply for our Nursing Science Grant. For this grant the nurse has to be the main applicant.
      • External applicants are only eligible if the proposed research will be performed at the Amsterdam UMC or affiliated research institutes or hospitals.

      2. All grant applications have to be supported by at least one AR&D Principal Investigator.

      3. Any Principal Investigator (PI) who wants to submit, should be a registered AR&D PI. Technicians, nurses, paramedical staff, PhD candidates, and postdocs are required to submit a letter of support of an AR&D PI.

      4. Applicants are obliged to choose a grant type, therefore a single applicant cannot apply to multiple grant types with the same proposal or project. Any applicant (irrespective of their career stage) can submit only one proposal for the AR&D grants 2018/2019. An AR&D PI is however allowed to support more than one proposal as the responsible AR&D PI.

      5. Proposals should involve novel projects that have not been funded before and with a starting date after the 1st of February 2019 and before the 31st of December 2019.

      6. Only projects that will be (partly) executed at the Amsterdam UMC or affiliated research institutes or hospitals are eligible for this program.


      The application should include:

      1. The application form:

      • Information of applicants and affiliations
      • Project details

      All proposals should define a milestone that needs to be achieved within the time-frame of the proposed research (see appendix application form  point 5)

      The application form can be downloaded here:

      2. A letter of support of the responsible AR&D PI, if applicable

      This letter should at least include:
      (1) confirmation of support for this particular grant proposal
      (2) information about the relationship between (one of) the applicant(s) and the PI
      (3) a statement confirming that the proposed research will be performed at the Amsterdam UMC or affiliated research institutes or hospitals
      (4) a statement that all funds from this grant will be used for the proposed research.

      All research proposals should be in concise English and should be understandable for a colleague in a neighboring science field.

      Please convert the completed application form (without appendix!) and the letter of support of the responsible AR&D PI (if applicable) to a PDF file and email your application in one combined PDF-file to Eva Dirkx-Beuling (

      Submission deadline

      The deadline for submission is: 20-12-2018; 12:00h

      Incomplete applications and applications submitted after the deadline will not be accepted.

      Selection procedure

      All proposals will be assessed by an independent committee based on the following criteria:

      • Quality of the proposal and proposed research project
      • Originality
      • Relevance of the proposal for the field of reproduction and development
      • Feasibility of the proposed research

      In general, collaboration within the AR&D research institute is considered an advantage. Proposals that bridge between different disciplines (both fundamental, pre-clinical and clinical) or connect between different aspects of AR&D’s the circle of life are especially encouraged to apply.

      After initial assessment, the applicants of the most promising proposals will be invited for an interview.

      These interviews will take place Tuesday March 12th, 2019.

      In the decision making, the written proposal and the interview will be taken into account equally.

      All awarded proposals are obliged to send a final report to AR&D about the project within 6 months of finalization of the project.

      Time line


      For questions contact Eva Dirkx-Beuling:

      Guidelines regarding integrity and conflict of interest

      AR&D formulated guidelines regarding integrity and conflict of interest. Please download below.