Help shape the future of the Netherlands Longitudinal Study on Hearing

AMC and VUmc join forces in a merger and are managed as a whole from now on. At Amsterdam UMC, AMC and VUmc work together on excellent care for our patients, we educate promising talents to become a doctor or nurse and we improve the future healthcare thanks to high quality and (inter)nationally recognized scientific research. Together we can do that so much better than alone.

The section Ear & Hearing at the dept. of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery at the Amsterdam UMC – location VUmc is part of the Amsterdam Public Health research institute. One of the main priorities of the Ear & Hearing research program is to obtain insight into the determinants and consequences of hearing impairment in adults. A special focus is on the relationship between auditory functioning and participation in society.

Given the combination of medical, audiological, psychological, communicative and societal aspects related to hearing (loss), the Ear & Hearing research team is highly multidisciplinary in nature.

As a Postdoc/epidemiologist you are responsible for the maintenance and continuation of the Netherlands Longitudinal Study on Hearing (NL-SH). The NL-SH is an ongoing prospective cohort study among 3000 adults ranging from 18 to 70 years. Data collection started in 2006 and follow-up measurements are carried out very five years. Hearing ability as measured via the online National Hearing Test is central to the NL-SH. This cohort study focuses on activity and participation of adults with and without hearing impairment in a large range of important life domains.

More information about the NL-SH can be found at our website.

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