PhD position: examining the impact of childhood trauma on biological systems and disease outcomes (36-36 uur)

Afdeling Onderzoek en Innovatie

Work Environment
GGZ inGeest collaborates with the Department of Psychiatry of the Amsterdam UMC (location VUmc) in conducting research, education and academic patient care. The main focus is on depression and anxiety disorders, two common psychiatric disorders with high public health impact. Psychiatric research is embedded in two research institutes: Amsterdam Public Health and Amsterdam Neuroscience. In this research area more than 150 persons from different disciplines (e.g. psychiatry, psychology and health science) collaborate.

Your Challenge
As a PhD student your main tasks will be:
• contribution to collection of existing data (aims 1-3), collect new data (aim 4), and data analysis (aims 1-4)
• data analyses and manuscript writing of at least 5 scientific articles in international peer-reviewed journals
• presentation of findings at (inter)national conferences

The end product for each PhD student is a PhD thesis based on high-quality internationally peer reviewed publications. Training in essential research skills is part of the appointment as a PhD student.

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