Area of Knowledge: Life sciences

Group of disciplines: Public health, Tobacco control

Research project/ Research Group description

The Tobacco Control Unit (TCU) at the Catalan Institute of Oncology is a multidisciplinary research and practice group dedicated to the study and the implementation of tobacco control policies and interventions to effectively tackle tobacco epidemic. To achieve these objectives, we evaluate several policies included in the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. In addition, we design, implement and evaluate innovative smoking cessation and training interventions addressed to specific target populations, such as hospitalized patients, population with mental disorders, etc. The TCU has particular expertise in designing pioneering programs in the framework of health care services, due to its role as coordinator of the Catalan Network for Tobacco Free Health Care Services. This research is used to advocate future population programs and public policies. Our Unit has been a WHO Collaborating Center since 2015.

Job position description

The fellow could come from a variety of fields including the basic sciences, social sciences, public health practitioners, clinical fields and political science. The candidate will be a part of TCU Team, a young and enthusiastic unit that comprises a multidisciplinary group of professionals trained in medicine, psychology, epidemiology, nursing, statistics and other fields of health science. The TCU offers an exciting opportunity for a pre-doctoral researcher who aims to develop an outstanding research career in the field of tobacco control interventions. The selected candidate will acquire abilities to proactively and independently carry out research activities in quantitative and qualitative methodologies, communication skills, etc.

The fellow will participate in scientific and training activities organized by TCU, including scientific seminars. The candidate is expected to join a Doctoral Program in Biomedicine at the University of Barcelona to pursue a Doctoral degree. Finally, the researcher could have a short pre-doctoral stay at an international/national partner institution.

During the first year, pre-doctoral researcher will be actively involved in the conduction of the study; later the tasks will be mainly focused on data analyses and dissemination of the results: manuscripts preparation, research presentations and policy reports.

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