VENI grant for 3 APH researchers

Three APH researcher, Emiel Hoogendijk (Postdoc at the VUmc department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics), Joreintje Mackenbach (Postdoc at the VUmc department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics) and Marije Verhage (Postdoc at the VU department of Clinical Child and Family Studies) were awarded a VENI NWO grant of 250.000 each for their research.

This year, NWO has awarded 154 young talented scientist a VENI grant to perform and develop their own research and ideas for  the next 3 years.

Frailty in older people: a modifiable condition? Dr. E.O. (Emiel) Hoogendijk (m), VUmc – Epidemiology and biostatistics

There is an increase in the number of frail older people in society, but a lack of effective interventions for this group. This has major implications for public health. This project investigates the impact of frailty on healthy life expectancy, and mechanisms for preventing adverse outcomes in frail older people.

Making the health choice easier – role of the local food environment
Dr. J.D. (Joreintje) Mackenbach (f), VUmc – Epidemiology and Biostatistics

Real-life food choices are constrained by the availability and price of foods, and subject to individual food budgets and psychosocial resources. I will investigate whether we can make healthier choices easier by changing local food environments, especially for people with lower food budgets and those more sensitive to environmental cues.

Like parent, like child?
Dr. M.L. (Marije) Verhage (f), VU, Clinical Child and Family Studies

Studies have shown that the quality of parent-child relationships is often transmitted across generations. By using data from 100 existing studies on this topic in a novel way, this intergenerational transmission can be understood in more detail. This knowledge will ultimately improve intervention methods to stimulate secure parent-child relationships.