Scientific Quality Committee

The main task of the Scientific Quality Committee (SQC) is to advise the Directors of Amsterdam Public Health (APH) on their scientific quality policy, and to support the quality of research within APH. The Committee does this by facilitating the embedding and peer review of research projects, as well as by providing information and tools to improve the quality of research.

Embedding research projects within Amsterdam Public Health

The Amsterdam  Public Health research institute (APH) starts embedding research projects from January 1, 2018 onwards. Every project* that will be carried out within APH needs to be registered to the Scientific Quality Committee ( by the PI or project leader. When submitting a research project, each proposal has to be accompanied by a submission form that includes at least the preferred APH research program for embedding. The submitted research project will be judged by the relevant APH program leaders on suitability and relevance to the research program. All embedded projects will be registered in a project database.

The request for embedding of a project can be sent to, and has to be accompanied by this embedding form. Embedding of a project should take two weeks at most.

*A project is a scientific study which should lead to a scientific publication. The scope of a research proposal may differ; for example a new project that uses existing cohorts or registrations can be relatively short.

Peer review of proposals

The Scientific Quality Committee facilitates the review of research proposals that are embedded in APH and need peer review. Approval of the Scientific Quality Committee is required before a project that has to comply to the Medical Research Involving Humans Act (WMO) can be submitted to the Medical Ethical Committee of the VU University Medical Center. Procedure WMO proposals VU/VUmc

Other research proposals can be peer reviewed when they are accompanied by a motivated request. For instance when a funding organization needs this peer review or when the researcher wants his/her project proposal to be peer reviewed. The purpose of the review is to support the highest quality of research and to support researchers affiliated to APH, as well as to learn from each other.

The request for peer review of a project can be sent to and has to be accompanied by this review form.

Quality handbook

To support researchers with the quality of their research and to spread lessons learned, an online quality handbook has been developed and is being kept up to date. You can find the quality handbook here.