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APH Website

Gradually, we are filling the APH website pages with information. Due to the early stage we are in, this might result in some (technical) restrictions, our hands are tied. Nevertheless, we are trying to find solutions and answers your questions regarding the APH website. Should you have any questions regarding the site-content of your program, department or collaboration on the APH website, please email to amsterdampublichealth@vumc.nl or amsterdampublichealth@amc.nl.

Information and Communication

APH Project Plan
The formation of the Amsterdam Public Health research institute and its research programs is outlined in the draft project plan. The most recent version of this project plan can be find in this download:

APH Logo
To date, no corporate design or identity is yet available, for any of the Amsterdam research institutes. If you like to incorporate APH in any of your correspondence or PowerPoint presentation please find the APH logo and the website banner in the downloads below:

APH Powerpoint Template
If you like to present a powerpoint presentation in APH style, please find a APH powerpoint template below:

APH Roadshow
The roadshow can be used by APH employees to introduce APH to internal/external researchers, policymakers, care professionals and / or stakeholders. Please e-mail amsterdampublichealth@vumc.nl or amsterdampublichealth@amc.nl so we can send you the latest version of the APH roadshows presentation (ENG/NL).

APH Affiliations
We ask all AMC, VUmc, VU and UvA colleagues of the Amsterdam Public Health research institute to add ‘Amsterdam Public Health research institute’ (in Dutch publications: ‘Amsterdam Public Health onderzoeksinstituut’) as additional affiliation in publications as of January 1st, 2017. This will improve our brand awareness and recognition of the scientific and societal efforts of Amsterdam Public Health.

Business development

You can contact business development whenever you have an idea or innovation that might be interesting for a wider audience. Or maybe you want to set up a collaboration with an external partner. Questions range from app development to teaming up with public- and private partners in collaborations. This can be forming a research collaboration that attracts external funding or creating a spin-off company.

Together with business development you will assess your idea, invention or collaboration from many perspectives to ensure a thorough review of the opportunities and potential pitfalls. E.g. What public health problem is going to be solved? Who is your audience/ target group? What is the cost-effectiveness of your solution? And what are competing solutions? After a successful assessment, business development can also assist you in getting your idea, invention or collaboration funded. For more information please contact Davey Groothoff.

Click here for more information about Davey Groothoff>>

Scientific Quality Officer/Committee

The main task of the Scientific Quality Committee (SQC) is to advise the Directors of Amsterdam Public Health (APH) on their scientific quality policy, and to support the quality of research within APH. The Committee does this by facilitating the embedding and peer review of research projects, as well as by providing information and tools to improve the quality of research.

Click here for the procedures for the embedding of research project within Amsterdam Public Health>>

If you have any questions regarding scientific quality, please contact the APH Quality Officer Miranda Bos-Pronk.

Click here for more information about Miranda Bos-Pronk>>

Grants support and services

Research funding support is offered to AMC researchers and VU or VUmc researchers at  their respective grant offices.

Personal grants: depending on the employment institution of the applicant, the relevant office must be contacted, i.e. Grants Desk VU/VUmc (E: supportprogrammes@vu.nl for personal grants only) or AMC Research Office (E: researchcouncil@amc.nl) to enter the support group trajectory.

Collaborative projects: depending on the legal entity registered in the application (AMC, VUmc or VU), applicants are advised to inform their respective research support offices to enter the support trajectory such as the EU grants support trajectory, i.e. AMC Research Office grants support (E: researchcouncil@amc.nl), or Grants Desk VU/VUmc (E: subsidiedesk@vumc.nl).

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have specific questions. The AMC Research office together with the VU/VUmc grants desk can arrange presentations for the institutes to discuss research funding opportunities and support.

APH Community

Join the APH community at LinkedIn: LinkedIn group.

Attn: Judith Sluiter, Corien Meijer or GeertjeMarije Takkenberg 

Attn: Martine de Bruijne, Evelien de Boer, Evelien Bos or Anneke Bottelier