Young Amsterdam Neuroscience meets on ‘How to make the alliance institute future-proof’

At June 13 in a meeting between 10 young principal investigators and the directors of Amsterdam Neuroscience a dialogue was started about their careers and other seminal topics. This lead to an interesting exchange of ideas on the two themes of interest of that day: ‘What can Amsterdam Neuroscience do for me?’ and vice versa: ‘What can I do for Amsterdam Neuroscience?’. Below is a survey of the take-home messages delivered on that day. Diederik van de Beek and Arjen Brussaard intend to repeat these ‘Young Amsterdam Neuroscience’ sessions twice per year with different groups of invitees, so as to set up a dialogue with - and in particular also between - the midcareer investigators of the institute.

What can Amsterdam Neuroscience do for me?
o   Jonathan Coutinho: “Support in setting up the Translational research program for the Neurovascular Disorder research program”
o   Yolande Pijnenburg “I need more grants outside N.W.O. Help me to nail Horizon 2020 funding”
o   Martijn Figee: “We need to trigger more DBS trials for psychiatry; can you help me to re-engage the relevant companies to sponsor such trials”
o   Henne Holstege: “I may need more industry sponsors to set up the 100+ registry”
o   Filip Eftimov: “In setting up an international registry for CIDP patients , I need more support from a data protection officer”
o   Rogier Min: “We need new buildings and more shared lab core facilities”
o   Ingo Willuhn: “Amsterdam Neuroscience, please become prestigious and even more visible, we need the embedding and branding”
o   Vivi Heine: “Make Amsterdam Neuroscience future-proof, by implementing technological innovations and new ways of informational organization”
o   Ruud Toonen: “Amsterdam Neuroscience brings me translational opportunities, including collaboration with industry”

What can I do for Amsterdam Neuroscience?
o   Filip Eftimov & Jonathan Coutinho: “We can bring a clinical context to the basic research and thus help you built better models for neuroinfection and neurovascular disorders”
o   Yolande Pijnenburg: “I would like to understand the neurology of impaired social cognition in FTD patients”
o   Frank Jacobs: "I'd like to share protocols and experiences regarding CNS organoid cultures with other labs in Amsterdam Neuroscience like Vivi Heine's lab at the VU."
o   Henne Holstege is providing “new insights in healthy aging in centenarians”
o   Ruud Toonen: “I study the basics of human neuronal functioning and in doing so I am validating the brain disease mechanisms of major synaptopathies”