TN2 Conference 2018, Innovation in Psychiatry, Neurostimulation & -inflammation

The Translational Neuroscience Network (TN2) meeting is a meeting in which Amsterdam Neuroscience reaches out to the Dutch Neuroscience community of other universities and medical centers. The 2018 TN2-meeting will take place on 4 October 2018 (venue: AMC –Meibergdreef 9, Amsterdam).

The 2018 TN2 meeting organized by Amsterdam Neuroscience is focusing on the many psychiatric disorders that share common neurobiological characteristics both in their etiology and clinical symptoms. And since translational, cross-disorder studies with a life span perspective (from early vulnerability to late disease chronicity) may enhance our knowledge and treatment possibilities for these disorders, we asked the program leaders/principal investigators of the Amsterdam Neuroscience research programs Compulsivity, Impulsivity and Attention (Odile van den Heuvel and Guido van Wingen) and Mood, Anxiety and Psychiatry (Brenda Penninx and Sabine Spijker) to take the lead. Details about the program can be found on TN2 webpage