The 100-plus Study will soon include its 300th centenarian participant!

The cohort is now reaching a size that allows us to investigate the features that may have allowed these extraordinary people to remain healthy during their extreme aging. Indeed, we are generating some first findings.

Interested? Come to our first “100-plus Mini – Symposium” on April 12th, 2017.

Several scientific researchers who are involved in the study will present their ongoing work (see the program below). We would also like to discuss possible collaborations. This extreme group in the Dutch population may provide answers to specific research questions outside the direct scope of our own research. Since we are currently in close contact with our centenarian research population, we would like to ensure that we are not missing any opportunities to obtain important data from this group that may be of high value to the research of others.

Therefore, if you are interested in joining us this day, you are very welcome to come. Please register your presence by replying to before the 5th of April 2017.

Date: Wednesday the 12th of April
Location: AEGON Building at AEGONplein 50, Den Haag
Time: 10:30- 17:30

Lunch and drinks afterwards will be provided.

Kind regards, on behalf of the 100-plus Study team,

Henne Holstege