Principal investigator / researcher (tenure track) molecular cell biology and immunology: Research with state-of-the-art biomedical and cellular techniques

The project
The department of Molecular Cell Biology and Immunology VU University Medical Center (VUmc) in Amsterdam has an excellent track record for its innovative, cutting-edge fundamental-translation research in the field of immunology. The department offers outstanding scientific and stimulating research environment with high-end core facilities for flow cytometry (including cyTOF and high-end sorting), microscopy (including state-of-the-art confocal, STED, live cell imaging, 2-photon, and light-sheet microscopy) and analytical chemistry (including peptide synthesis, antibody production and conjugation, and glycan/lipid/peptide analysis by mass spectrometry). The department hosts 10 research groups headed by principle investigators that focus their research within 3 themes: Cancer immunology, mucosal immunology and neuro-immunology. Research is embedded in the AMC/VUmc research institutes such as Amsterdam Neurosciences, Cancer Center Amsterdam and Amsterdam Infection & Immunity Institute. VUMC has a series of core facilities, i.e. genomics, proteomics, imaging and mouse facility at place. The department of Molecular Cell Biology and Immunology actively participates in educational programs of Biomedical Sciences and Medicine.

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