More than 3.5 million for dementia research Alzheimer Centre VUmc

The VUmc Alzheimer Center receives over 3.5 million euros for research into dementia from ZonMw for four research projects and a partner project within the Memorabel and Off Road subsidy programs.

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The honored projects:
Redefining Alzheimer’s diseaseDr. P.J. Visser (VUMC)
Longitudinal imaging of tau pathology across the AD spectrum using [18F]AV1451 PETDr. R. Ossenkoppele (VUMC) en Prof. dr. B.N.M. van Berckel (VUMC)
The diagnostic challenge of neuropsychiatric symptoms in Alzheimer’s diseaseDr. R. Ossenkoppele (VUMC) en Dr. J.M. Papma, (Erasmus MC)
Highroad to Alzheimer’s disease: “does aberrant neuronal activity guide the stereotypical spread of Tau pathology?”  – Dr. A.A. Gouw (VUMC)
Making the subjective objective: using big data to reveal relevant cognitive complaintsDr. S.A.M. Sikkes (VUMC)